We are a dedicated team providing world class legal virtual office support services to the international legal community. We are fore runners in providing integrated legal support services for legal drafting, research, litigation, transcription, transaction, IPR management, contract management, and other legal associated secretarial services.

If you are looking for a pocket- friendly service provider with a knack for technology and security ParalegalStar is the choice.  

At ParalegalStar, one can experience the convergence of multi level technology applicable ever in the broad aspects of the legal fraternity. Here technology significance and combined manpower enables us to win the race against time. With renowned attorneys from law firms across the globe, the team is intellectual to handle the services required of us.

We also have a collective team of US attorneys and law experts well-seasoned with experience. The team presides over every requirement in specific and functions as the think-tank of ParalegalStar's operational system. We are known in the LPO industry for our dedication and the keen eye for quality.


  • The technology indulgence and the perspective of direction make ParalegalStar stay as the pioneer in the LPO industry. With the classic convergence of dedicated work force and state-of-the-art technology, the deliverable is of top notch quality without a second opinion.
  • Pricing Packages

We ensure that the value for money is never thwarted through unkempt deliverables. Our deliverables are on-time and well organized. We are the one among the few forward thinking legal service provider groups available in the LPO market. ParalegalStar demonstrates multidisciplinary and cross-cultural high caliber work force that will support you in every aspect of your legal projects.

We stand out from the flock

    • 24x7customer support professionals
    • 24x7 Technical support professionals
    • High-production standards
    • High profile team
    • State-of-the-art technology indulgence
    • Robust infra
    • Competitive pricing
    • In-Depth knowledge of the US and UK legal systems
    • Military level security for data transfers

    Data Security

The controlled file access and encrypted files transfers not only keeps your data secure but avoids any information leaks and stays clear of professional hackers. The IT requirement/PMS installed are fool proof with status checks and quality controls in place  

Recent-testimonial from one of our newbie customer;

  • ""I have been working with ParalegalStar for months now, their coding abilities and accuracy are really impeccable, I really recommend them for one and all, THANKS"!!!!"