Are you concerned about your legal documents purity? (OR) Are you concerned more about its understandability and security? Now get-off from these worriments, as ParalegalStar now introduces the clear-cut solutions for these situations.

ParalegalStar with its ultimate and abled staff offers the following 6 legal document reviews;

    • Attorney/ Client Privileged Review

    1. Offering pre-defined and privileged review of the documents

      Reading and examining the keywords to notify the privileged documents.
    • Relevancy Review

    • Reviewing of the documents based on their relativeness to the documents

      Aiding clients in effective document management
    • Restricted/ Confidential Review

    • Reviewing of the documents based on their confidentiality levels

      Wrapping-up of the secured informations of the documents and then enforcing its confidentiality.
  • Objective Review

  • Reviewing of the documents based on their objectives, and
    Facilitating for the identification of the unified documents by objectively collecting and inter-connecting them, which in-turn aids for the document’s easy and effective retrievals.

  • Subjective Review

    Reviewing of the documents based on the litigations which the documents deal with, and
    Classifying the documents based on its rapidity.

Document briefing review

Reducing the size of the documents by generating critical and brief-summaries from the documents informations,
Enabling the clients to understand the information more clearly by increasing their grasping abilities.

ParalegalStar offers all its legal-services at a prime cost of 40% lower than all other service-providers, and our compact LPMS will cater to your needs more efficiently than ever before, and also we work on a 24/7 basis with a very quick turnaround time (TAT). So all your legal works can now be performed much more economically and at your quick-customized times.

Owing to our supreme reviewing abilities, we already have a firm customer base, based in USA and the most important thing here is that we have not lost even a single customer after they had opted for our legal document reviews services.

  • "Paralegalstar's review process has helped me to condense my huge documents to much smaller and informative ones, has saved a lot of my legal-hours, THANKS for your summary works ""!!!!"; - Sonny Saggar