Legal Transcription

ParalegalStar has been providing services with respect to legal transcription since 2005. We have team of qualified professionals with exclusive skill in this aspect. It is no doubt that legal transcription can win or lose the case. Therefore, it requires the best in service and Paralegal star provides just what legal professionals need. The supply of such professionals is quite low in the market compared to their demand. The team is headquartered in California and provide services to professionals across the country.

Bringing History to life – Legal transcriptions prime advantage!!:

Once the cases are done and the transcripts are filed they're dismissed from our minds. Aren't they? Well no. Old Bailey's program would exactly reveal the opposite, with all the legal cases from 1674 to 1913 have got digitally transcribed. And all these cases are now searchable and can be referred to. So similarly if you can transcribe each of your cases digitally and save them, you can always have them for your future references invariably.

Niche transcribers with an extremely focussed writing techniques

  • 1. Well versed knowledge with our compact transcription software,

  • 2. Brisk typing skills with accurate keyboarding skills,

  • 3. Brick-wall understanding of all the latest and updated legal terminology,

  • 4. Fluent control over the English language,

  • 5. Robust proofreading proficiencies,

  • 6. Supreme hold over approved wordprocessing, spreadsheet and other required software applications.

  • 7. staffing and recruitment process is costly as well, and need expensive training to educate them.


Our quality checks are best in the business with unique and effective methods which our transcriptionists use to complete their quality checks within a very short time. Our transcriptionists are the first-rated in the market, and the results that they produce are impeccable, and needs any correction very rarely, still every legal transcription goes through the following steps to complete his/her transcription work completely;

  • . A thorough cross-check -  Wherein he/she will check for the source and the transcribed content,
  • . Re-verification – Will recheck the same once again,
  • . Proofreading -  Will look for the grammatical and other distracting and destructive errors,
  • . Final review and correction stage if it is required.

• Court hearings, • Arbitrations, • Briefs, • Pleadings, • Meetings, • Deposition, • Ease the work of students and educators, • Letter to clients, attorneys, judges, and agencies. • Letters of advice or undertaking. • Letters subject to formal agreement. • Calamitous letters. • Letters drafted on behalf of clients. • Other legal engagement letters.

We all know that all your legal transcription files contain very sensitive and highly confidential information, which can make or break the case you are handling, and we know the consequences if these details gets publicized, so we have taken various initiatives in this perspective to maintain your confidentiality and avoid any unfortunate legal hassles;

  • We use a very unique, compact and shielded modes of encrypted file transfers,

  • We have placed a password defended computers and lockers,

  • We have made all the transcriptionists sign the non-disclosure documents,

  • The data access is restricted to the accredited staffs only, and all these staffs are specially trained and
    equipped with exuberant talent for safeguarding your informations in any case.


Owing to our supreme transcribing abilities, we already have a firm customer base, based in USA and UK, and the most important thing here is that we have not lost even a single customer after they had opted for our legal transcription services, which means ParalegalStar is running along with the old and the repetitive customers with more and more newbies joining us at an exaggerated rate – Just one more evidence for our complete and skilful legal service.

Here at ParalegalStar, you can enjoy the discount-offers throughout the year on all our legal transcription works, yes, summer, spring, winter, rainy, irrespective of these four-square seasons you will be offered with numerous cost saving offers consistently. To hear more on our advantageous offers mail us @