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ParalegalStar with its highly skilful staff offers the following 6 coding services;

    Document Text Coding

  • Document text coding codes the relevant text informations in the litigation text document,

    Sorting the legal information based on their importance.
  • Objective Coding

  • Objective Coding is performed by making use of the contents which are within the document,
  • Facilitating for the efficient document search and retrieval by re-ordering and rearranging the gathered legal infomations.
Inventory Coding
  • Inventory coding process contemplates on sensitive files and documents,
  • Building specific record for each documents( which are placed in the data warehouse) in a simplified manner consisting of bates details and the title of the document.
    • Subjective Coding

  1. Subjective coding process involves crucial and relevant information from the documents,

  2. Subjective coding are performed on the selective subject-contents which are nominated by the clients.
    Bibliography Coding

  1. Bibliography coding process is quite similar to objective coding,
  2. Bibliography coding satisfies the precise needs of the clients by creating abstracts from the initial client requirements and indications.
  3. Bibliography coding services involves coding on page number, document origin, and many more..
    Summarized Coding

  1. Summarized coding is a fusion of objective, subjective, and bibliographic codings,
  2. Summarized coding generates a summarized and briefed content on the most important issues. These contents will then serve as a crucial preferences of the legal documents,
  3. These hand-picked contents are then coded carefully and then will be aptly placed for the easier access.

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