Are you finding it difficult to handle your litigation support works? Or is it too episodic to handle this economically in-house? Now just put an end for these matrix, as now the paramount litigation support professionals housing at ParalegalStar will assist you for all the litigation support requirements.

The technology research firm head, Gartner had stated that the large e-discovery companies aiding the legal markets have reached a combined revenue of $1 Billion for the year 2010;

Litigation Support Over the Years:

Our services has been rendered to the firms from a long time before, It has seen it's beginning back in 1980's when Quorum and Arthur Anderson's service bureaus started offering litigation support services. And since 2000, the number of service providers has increased at a staggering rate.

Why should you choose to outsource Litigation support works?

The process of legal support is both complex and costly;

  • ComplexityPerforming the eDiscovery process for rendering litigation support services is not an easy job, it requires a lot of skills and sufficient-enough time to retrieve accurate informations. Our highly skilled litigation support professionals will help you to review the documents, interviewing the witnesses, and will also help you in case preparations.

  • Cost SavingsSetting up a litigation support department is really expensive to, not only must expensive hardware be acquired and consistently replaced, but the software is nearly changing everyday and is more expensive than the hardwares. Besides staffing and recruitment process is costly as well, and need expensive training to educate them.


Scanning – Our advanced scanners will enable us to hand—over high resolution digital images which are used for editing, storing, organizing and managing the documents.

Fixing Documents – ParalegalStar quality team will capture all the minute errors which will be there in the digitized documents and fix them all at once. And once this is done we will convert them into a digital format with 100% accurate texts.

  • Coding/ Indexing – The presentation skills of our legal professionals are sky-high and exuberant, once after the document is done with digitizing, legal professionals will start aligning the document in an easy-to-understand manner. ParalegalStar supports coding and indexing information present in the legal documents – Our Coding program facilitates for easy document management and retrieval.

Electronic Data Discovery
ParalegalStar’s special abilities for converting different text documents into one single formats will enable you to carry on your business effectively. ParalegalStar uses the concept of electronic data discovery (eDiscovery) to convert various electronic documents (like mail attachments, office documents, etc..) into a unique format and all these documents are made secured by bating and coding and then stored in the database for easy recovery.

Abstract Services
– ParalegalStar’s compact abstraction process will enable our professionals to analyze and interpret the data which is only required for the legal firms/consultants and individual attorneys. This process helps the clients to undertans the informations faster and improves their efficiency immensely.


If you are still in a dilemma like whether to opt for the litigation support services or not, then here is our suggestion for you. Just consider our services for few small cases and then compare the quality and the costs for having your own team performing these litigation support services. Then take a look at the statistics and then you probably can make a firm decision – We are sure that you will come back to us!!

Owing to our supreme transcribing abilities, we already have a firm customer base, based in USA and UK, and the most important thing here is that we have not lost even a single customer after they had opted for our legal transcription services, which means ParalegalStar is running along with the old and the repetitive customers with more and more newbies joining us at an exaggerated rate – Just one more evidence for our complete and skilful legal service.

Recent-testimonial from one of our newbie customer below;

“I'm  jotting to say a million thanks for your accurate work on my case..Your work was absolutely qualitative and had only the informations that I needed, hats off for your abstraction skills!!  and I look forward to working with you  going further, all the way !!!!”


Here at ParalegalStar, you can enjoy the discount-offers throughout the year on all our litigation support services, yes, summer, spring, winter, rainy, irrespective of these four-square seasons you will be offered with numerous cost saving offers consistently.